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Undergraduate Research Methods and Statistics

Psychological sciences is facing many dilemmas. There have been noted concerns about theory, measurement, analyses, and questionable research practices. It is imperative that the future of psychological science, our current undergraduates, are provided accurate and accessible means to understand research methods and statistics. Without appropriate and clear understanding, many historical errors will be repeated.

Reflect on the your understanding of following questions:

  • What is statistical power? How is it related to $\alpha$, p-values, effect sizes?
  • Why are qualitative studies important?
  • Is your underlying theory falsifiable?
  • What are some appropriate ways to answer you research question or test your hypotheses?

How easily could you explain these to a peer? Imagine how to explain these to junior researchers. These are some questions, broad and specific, that I am interesting in exploring with students during their undergraduate studies. In addition, I am seeking novel ways to explore these questions such as through simulations or improving our understanding of testable and falsifiable theories.

Tyler Pritchard
Lab Director, Professor, Researcher, and Clinician

My research interests include suicide theory, research methods and statistics, and online activity’s impact on mental health and illness.